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Our company specializes in shellfish. Barnacles in particular.

We also offer crustaceans, including shrimp, spider crab, velvet crab, spiny lobster and common lobster, and bivalve molluscs, including clam, oyster and mussels, all of them from the Galician coast. We also provide foreign species of crustaceans (brown crab, Norway lobster) and bivalve (king scallop, queen scallop, cockle) and cephalopods (octopus).

We complete our product range with coastal fish: whitefish (pollock, cod, common sole, sea bass, hake, ray), bluefish (tuna, mackerel, horse mackerel, dusky grouper, sardine, white seabream) and low-fat fish species (red sea bream, conger eel, guilt head, monkfish, turbot).

We purchase directly from the fish market or from suppliers with tanks on site to be sold live or fresh in the same day. In addition, we also offer cooked, frozen, salted, and smoked products.

Galician barnacle, our specialty


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